Management and planning in ski areas

skiGIS the extensive solution for an integrated management around the ski area informations.



land owner data

At skiGIS you can have a look at owner data and share in an estate within one mouse-click.



Adoption of mobile GPS devices

All skiGIS data can be transfered to a mobile GPS device. So it is able to find everything in the ski area.



responsibilities and calendar management

Manage responsibilities in a flexible calendar including the assignment to an embloyee.



Ski area information

At skiGIS you´ll find all informations about the ski resort very easy and user friendly on a web-interface.



skiGIS - facts

skiGIS - Your ski resort is only a mouse-clic away

skiGIS is a comprehensive solution to manage all information on ski resorts in an integrated way: characteristics of cableways and ski runs, their position, land registry data and contracts with landowners, documents and photographs, inspection and maintenance works, and much more. All information is stored in a central database, accessible through a web browser by all registered users from the office or in the field. The update of information, the display onto a map, the user friendly measurement tools help you in taking strategic decisions, and allow you to document all work processes in a comprehensive way. The geo-enabled management tool skiGIS is constantly updated by R3 GIS and Klenkhart & Partner, in cooperation with planners and technicians, in order to fully meet the needs of ski resort managers.

The experience as a ropway companies long time partner at designing, planing and building ski areas linked with a know how since 20 years in geographic information systems (GIS) for ski resorts qualifies us to a great partner. The wide competence range with skiGIS, webGIS, GPS and new geo-technologies as GoogleEarth®, GPixS 360 gives us the possibility to set up an efficient product!